Brainwave Entrainment and Meditation

"The technological advancements of the last two or three hundred years have created a world of excess in which many of us no longer have to physically toil in order to survive. But our materialistic society has caused many of us to forget what it really means to be a human being. The meaning of life is the development of consciousness....The whole point of technological progress should be to make our lives physically easier so that we can spend more time on developing as human beings......Everyone wants a life of excess in the hope that possessions will make us happy, but they never do. The only thing that will fulfill our empty lives is the one thing that we have neglected in recent years - our consciousness.

If our life ends with a higher level of consciousness than we began with, we can claim success. Adding to our spiritual balance sheet by developing our consciousness is the one purpose in life that remains the same in each and every life, no matter who we are.

Lasting happiness comes from within. Nothing outside ourselves can ever bring lasting happiness.....If you want true and lasting happiness you must actively work at developing your level of consciousness - there is no other way." (Lee Bladon -"The Science Of Spirituality")

Meditation basically alters one's brainwaves. Different brainwave states are associated with different benefits and experiences. Meditation helps train the brain to be more synchronized and balanced. So does listening brainwave entrainment mp3's.

The primary purposes of meditation is the developing of our consciousness and that we become enlightened and aware of our inner nature as we let go of our unconscious emotional blocks after they are loosened up and brought to the surface by meditation.

Meditation helps train the brain to be more synchronized and balanced. Periods of regular meditation practice help bring the brain from a gamma or beta level to a more relaxed alpha level, or even deeper to a theta level, and ultimately in very deep, intense meditation you can reach the delta level and epsilon levels. Delta and epsilon brainwaves are a very life-giving, rejuvenating state of mind, but few reach it often enough except when they sleep a very deep rejuvenating sleep.

Difference Between Meditation and Sleep
By now you are probably thinking to yourself: "What is the point in meditating since I enter the alpha, theta, and sometimes delta levels every time I sleep? If I sleep 6 - 8 hours a night then am I not basically receiving the same benefits I would receive if I were doing 6 - 8 hours of meditation a day for my entire life?"

The main point here is deep, dreamless sleep at the delta and epsilon level. Most people don't sleep deep enough where the benefits of deep rejuvenating sleep take place. But if you take even only a "power nap" for an hour or two and enter a deep, dreamless sleep at the delta or epsilon level at that time, when you wake up and come out of it there is a new sense of life, energy, awareness, well-being in you. In deep rejuvenating meditation you enter that same level, except that you are awake instead on unconscious. When you can enter that deep rejuvenating state of consciousness while remaining fully aware then you can carry over that state of mind in your day to day life and become the essence of who you are deep in your inner most being. It takes practice and daily trips to that deep place within.

In a nutshell meditation in this context is a fourth state of consciousness that is unique because it consists of high awareness with very low mental or physiological function. Meditation is an awareness of our inner spirit, as well as closeness to our spirit. Everyone comes "pre-wired" with the capacity for this type of meditative restful awareness. Alas few ever reach it during normal sleep. But daily meditation and listening to brainwave entrainment mp3s can help you enter this deep state of consciousness.

When we reach deep delta and epsilon levels we feel so much refreshed and rejuvenated. The ego disappears as does all our mental programming and brainwashed mindset, we are closer to our pristine innocence. The closer we are to "home" so to speak the more recharged and healthy we are in our day to day life.

This clearly proves that the secret of attaining freshness and peace lies within, not outside. The goal of meditation is to become conscious while you are passing through dream and deep sleep states of your mind, and remaining conscious when you are in your spirit so to speak. And then the ultimate goal (practice makes perfect) is the carrying over of that awareness into your day to day life and maintaining it by intuitive living. This is when an entire life makeover takes place of which religious rules of conduct and morals and ethical living are all but cheap imitations of something that is natural and spontaneous due to the actual experience of "living from the level of your spirit in the depths of your being.

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