Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: How long are your mp3's

Answer: Our average mp3 length is from 30 - 60 minutes

Aren't CD's Better Than Mp3's?

Question: Aren't brainwave CD's better than brainwave mp3's? Doesn't the compression into mp3 format take away from the uncompressed format on CD's?

Answer: Restful Tones mp3's have been designed with modern compression methods in mind. The professional brainwave entrainment software that is used to export the sessions into mp3 format does not detract from the effects of the sessions.

MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3) is a standard technology and format for compressing a sound sequence into a very small file while preserving the original level of sound quality when it is played. Listening to our brainwave mp3's is exactly the same as listening to brainwave CD's - the sound quality is the same, and no entrainment is lost or watered down in the compressed mp3 format.

However, when a company is selling brainwave CD's in uncompressed wav format, and then someone comes along and rips the wav file from a cd, and then converts the wav file into a mp3 file using cheap conversion software, the result may very well be a watered down version of the original.

Restful Tones mp3's, on the other hand, are exported into mp3 format from the start using professional brainwave entrainment software. For this reason Restful Tones mp3's are just as effective as uncompressed brainwave cd's.

Back in the day when CD's were popular brainwave CD's were created with standard WAV sound files for the simple reason that older CD players cannot read mp3 format on CD.

WAV sound files are much larger then mp3 files because they are uncompressed. For example, a 1 hour brainwave session (mp3 file at 192kbps) might be about 86 MB. But that same session (if exported into WAV format) will be about 500 MB or 600 MB.

Because of this many people make the assumption that uncompressed WAV files are of a superior quality to mp3 files, and that brainwave sessions that are mp3 are watered down and quality is lost. Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, download these two files and compare for yourselves. Each is 15 seconds (the mp3 is under 1 MB, the WAV file is 2.5 MB).

Compare Formats Do You Perceive Any Difference In Sound Quality?

Mp3 Sample

WAV Sample

What About The Bitrate Of Your Mp3's. Are They 320kbps?

Question: Are all your mp3's 320kbps bitrate. And if so is not 320kbps suppose to be the most effective and powerful mp3 file type?

Answer: The Bitrate in our mp3 sessions is automatically optimized depending upon session content.

Most sessions without a audiostrobe track are optimized at 192kbps. Sessions with a audiostrobe track are optimized at 320kbps.

But sessions at a 320 Bitrate are not much different then sessions at 64, 148, 192 (or anywhere in between) bitrates.

The larger the bitrate the larger the file (which takes longer to upload and download). For example, a 1 hour session that is at 192kbps will be about 86 MB. That same session at 320kbps will be about 137 MB. And yet, when you listen to both sessions the entrainment is no different whatsoever as far as its effectiveness. It would take a frequency tester to detect the subtle differences which are not enough to make one session more effective or powerful then the other.

You can compare for yourselves by listening to the bitrate samples below for binaural beats and isochronic tones (headphones needed for binaural beats).

You will discover that there is no difference in the quality.

Lower bitrates (unless you go really low) do not make brainwave entrainment sessions any less powerful.

That said, all Restful Tones sessions are 192 bitrate and 320 bitrate.

Listen to Bitrate Samples (Compare)

        Who Created Restful Tones Mp3's?  

Question: What are your credentials? Are you a neurologist?

Answer: The brainwave entrainment software we use makes it very simple for us to create professional, effective sessions (it was not this easy a few decades ago and was more complicated). We have carefully designed our mp3's according to what we have studied in this field.

How Sesions Are Made 

Does My Membership Ever Expire?

Question: If I buy some of Restful Tones  downloads what happens if I later lose my downloads and lose access to the download page? Will I have to buy the download/s again?

Answer: When you buy any mp3 album at Restful Tones the download page will expire from 7 - 30 days, depending on the size of the album your purchased.  This is to prevent the sharing of the files. Also if a page has too many different ip addresses viewing it the page will be locked. If you lose your mp3's you can always contact support with proof of purchase to get access to the mp3's you purchased free of charge.

What About The Subscription Recurring Billing for Restful Tones Streaming?

Question: Can you please explain the Restful Tones Streaming subscription plan?

Answer: If you are a subscriber to Restful Tones Streaming you will be billed monthly to stream the mp3's but won't be able to download the files from the streaming members area (you need to purchase the download separately).  You are billed a monthly subscription for streaming access until cancelled. The monthly streaming subscription also helps us offset streaming / bandwidth costs. If we ever stop our streaming service all monthly subscriptions will be cancelled.

Can I get My Money Back If I Am Not Satisfied?

Question: If I am not happy with your products can I get my money back?

Answer: We are remarkably confident in our products. We are so sure that you are going to benefit from Restful Tones products that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee for all mp3 downloads.

We sell our mp3's through Clickbank. Clickbank offers credit card payments or Paypal. Both payment options have a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Do The Restful Tones Mp3's Work With Cellphones?

Question: Do your mp3's work with Cellphones?

Answer: Yes, they work with mp3 players and ipods as well as with various media players on your computer, and cellphones etc.

Are The Files Zip Or Mp3?

Question: Are the mp3 downloads in zip files? I have a MAC that is unable to open zip files?

Answer: No, the mp3's are not in zip files. They are direct mp3 downloads.

How Do I Download The Files To My Computer?

Question: How do I download the mp3's to my computer?

Answer: If you have a PC don't left click your mouse button directly on the link. If you do the download will start streaming from your browser, and will slow your browser down (and you will email me in confusion wondering what is happening).

Instead, "Right Click" your mouse button, and when the popup menu appears select "save link as" or "save target as" (it depends upon which browser you are using). Then you can select a location on your computer where you want to save the download/s.

If you have a MAC hold down the "Options" button on your keyboard and click on the download link. You can then choose where on your computer you want to save the file.

Once the downloads are on your computer you can easily transfer them to your mp3 player or ipod. If you have a MAC first transfer the file/s to your itunes playlist or library, and then from there you can add them to your ipod.

How Much Disc Space Is Required?

Question: I bought your entire collection, how much space do I need on my mp3 player to fit everything?

Answer: If you want to store all the mp3's on your mp3 player you will need about 10 GB of disc space.

How Long Should I Listen To Each Session?

Question: How long should I listen to each session before I experience results?

Answer: We recommend 2 weeks - 1 month per track. But even a week may be long enough for some. In general, results will vary between users. Some may experience positive results right away. For others the effect may be very subtle at first, the more dramatic effects sometimes do not occur until after listening to a particular session several times, but not several times in a day, rather once a day for a few weeks. Results also depend on your frame of mind, time of day and your ability to relax and let go. Training the mind with frequencies is similar to training the muscles.

Are Headphones Required?

Question: Do I need to use headphones when listening to the mp3's?

Answer: Stereo headphones are recommended for best results.

With cheap earphones you won't be able to here the binaural beats or isochronic tones (especially in the low frequencies), and the music may end up sounding mono if you don't use stereo headphones.

You can test your headphones (listen for the low frequencies) by listening to the free samples. Headphones within the $10 - $20 range will work just fine.

Sessions with binaural beats always require headphones because binaural beats are created by the brain when a different tone is played in each ear.

Sessions with isochronic tones don't require headphones if you have a good speaker system.

But headphones are recommended for best results.

Optionally you can just use the mp3's as soothing background music if you don't want to use headphones for therapeutic purposes.

Can I Share Restful Tones Mp3's?

Question: If I buy some of your mp3 products can I share them with my friends? Question: If I buy some of your mp3 products can I share them with my friends?

Answer: If you have a mp3 player and download the mp3's to it, and then let your friends and family listen to a session (and also let them listen to the sessions from your computer etc.) we have no problem with that.

You can also allow your clients to listen to our mp3's if you are a hypno-therapist, or into massage or any such self improvement field.

What we DON'T allow is the sharing of our downloads electronically distributing them via email, and all over the web. This is copyright infringement.


Can I Sell Restful Tones Mp3's?

Question: Can I sell your downloads?

Answer: You cannot sell any of our mp3's or give them away.