"The Powerful Affirmations Mp3 Pack is really really good, very professional and as good or better than ones you would expect to pay top dollar in. The sessions were very relaxing and put me in a deep trance-like state to be receptive to the affirmations. It was sooo incredibly relaxing and felt so good, and the voice is so professional." ~ Vahid Azadegan, (Adelaide, South Australia)

The following Affirmation Mp3 Downloads are Included in the Powerful Affirmations Mp3 Pack:

 Freedom From Addictions (5 Sessions)

 Freedom From Anxiety (5 Sessions)

 Affirmations For Creativity (6 Sessions)

 Freedom From Depression (4 Sessions)

 Improving Health (4 Sessions)

 Affirmations For Motivation (5 Sessions)

 Affirmations For Pain Relief (3 Sessions)

 Prosperity (4 Sessions)

 Affirmations For Weight Loss (3 Sessions)

Every session consists of binaural beats. 


Every session includes verbal affirmations. 

Included in some of the sessions are water sounds (running brook, ocean, water surface sounds), as well as bell sounds. 

Every session has one or more soothing ambient music tracks.

The same male voice is used in each session.

Affirmation Mp3 Sample (7 minutes)

(Stereo Headphones Recommended)

There are 40 Affirmation Mp3's in the Powerful Affirmations Mp3 Pack with 10 Hours of audio.

Product Details

The Powerful Affirmations Mp3 Pack includes guided sessions for: Health, Prosperity, Creativity, Motivation, Pain Relief, Weight Loss, Freedom From Addictions, Freedom From Anxiety, & Freedom From Depression. 

After the first few minutes into most of the sessions you are verbally guided into a state of relaxation. 

The verbal guidance into relaxation is mostly the same in each session, as is the verbal guidance towards the end of some sessions. 

Some of the affirmations between the beginning and end of some sessions are sometimes repeated from one session to another, with a few variations. 

Other times the affirmations are unique to a particular session. 

What Are Affirmations? 

Affirmations (also known as suggestions) are positive statements that are most effective for making changes in certain areas of a person's life when they are spoken to the sub conscious mind when the individual is in a state of relaxation. 

This is why our powerful affirmation sessions consist of binaural beats (for inducing relaxation), as well as soothing ambient music, and pleasant water sounds (in some sessions). 

The fact that there is verbal guidance does not mean that you will automatically enter a relaxed hypnotic state. It is not an automatic process for every individual. 

It varies from person to person, and depends upon how willing you are to mentally let go. 

For the affirmations to be effective it is suggested that you use stereo headphones, and keep the volume turned down low, so you are not startled by the voice which speaks on and off during various parts of the sessions. 

It is also suggested that you lie down in a comfortable reclining position. Even if you start to dose off during the sessions the affirmations can still reach your sub conscious.

Details About Each Session

Following is a complete list of categories and sessions included in our Powerful Affirmations Mp3 Pack. We have also included a few sample affirmations (written out) from each category.

Category 1

Freedom From Addictions

(5 sessions, from 12 min - 25 min each)

Sample Affirmations:

- The destructive cycle of addiction is ultimately defeated

- You are free of all past mistakes

- You are in charge of your actions and reactions

Category 2

Freedom From Anxiety

(5 sessions - from 10 min - 30 min each)

Sample Affirmations:

- You do not have to prove your worth to anybody

- The universe provides for everything that you need to achieve your dreams and goals

- You choose joy in your life

Category 3

Affirmations For Creativity

(6 sessions - from 10 min - 20 min each)

Sample Affirmations:

- You are capable of seeing problems from new angles

- Your mind is creative and imaginative

- Your brain works smoothly and resourcefully

Category 4

Freedom From Depression

(4 sessions - from 10 min - 25 min each)

Sample Affirmations:

- You are a unique person

- You feel happy, healthy and fortunate

- You are appreciated and respected

Category 5

Affirmations For Improving Health

(4 sessions - from 10 min - 40 min each)

Sample Affirmations:

- Healing energy is filling every cell in your body

- Your energy and healing power increase and intensify, day by day

- The immune system in your body operates efficiently and effectively

Category 6

Affirmations For Motivation

(5 sessions - from 8 min - 20 min each)

Sample Affirmations:

- You have the motivation to succeed

- You complete your tasks and attain your goals

- You know you can do anything

Category 7

Affirmations For Pain Relief

(3 sessions - from 8 min - 30 min each)

Sample Affirmations:

- Feel the white light cleansing and removing any blockage

- A warm and relaxing current is flowing through your body

- The white light is flowing through your body

Category 8


(4 sessions - from 10 min - 20 min each)

Sample Affirmations:

- You are prosperous and successful in your life

- You have everything that is needed to fulfill your dreams

- You live well, laugh often and love much

Category 9

Affirmations For Weight Loss

(5 sessions - from 8 min - 25 min each)

Sample Affirmations:

- You are able to shed unwanted weight easily

- Your body functions perfectly with a healthy and balanced diet

- You can easily imagine your body in its ideal weight

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