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Thank you for your interest in Restful Tones brainwave entrainment mp3 product line.

We offer 2 payment options:

Payment Option 1: One-Time payment to download the mp3's. You can purchase all the mp3's for a discount price (see Restful Tones Disscount Mp3 Bundle). Or you can purchase smaller mp3 bundles for download if you don't want to purchase everything (scroll below the subscription plan to see all download options). Choose the download option if you prefer to download all the mp3's on your own devices to listen to offline any time. The downloads are a one-time payment, no recurring billing.

Payment Option 2: A small monthly subscription (first 5 days are free) to access the online streaming version of Restful Tones. These are the same files as the download version in addition to some ambient music playlists, and raw binaural beats / isochronic tones, not available in the download version. With the subscription plan the files can be streamed directly on your cellphone, tablet, or in your browser etc., but they can't be downloaded. Choose this option if you prefer the convenience of logging in and streaming the files from your phone or tablet or computer etc. with no need to worry about storage space.

Download Option (See more download options below)

Restful Tones Discount Mp3 Bundle (DOWNLOADS)

(One-Time Payment)

Overview of what you get to download:

  • Energy and Focus Mp3 Pack (13 Mp3's, Over 5 Hours)
  • Meditation and Inner Peace Mp3 Pack (20 Mp3's, Over 15 Hours)
  • Awakened Mind Mp3 Pack (10 Mp3's, Over 5 Hours)
  • Relaxation Music Mp3 Pack (12 Mp3's, 12 Hours + Bonus mp3)
  • Bonus - Powerful Affirmations Mp3 Pack (9 Categories, Over 40 Sessions, Over 10 Hours)
  • Alpha Relaxation Mp3 Series (10 Mp3's, 5 Hours)
  • Theta Meditation Mp3 Series (10 Mp3's, 5 Hours)
  • Rejuvenating Delta Mp3 Series (10 Mp3's, 5 Hours)
  • Deep Epsilon Mp3 Series (12 Mp3's, 6 Hours)
  • Bonus Deep Mp3 Series (8 Mp3's, Over 6 Hours)
  • Delta Boost (Over 60 Mp3's, Over 30 Hours)
  • Bonus: The Sounds of Nature mp3's (11 Mp3's, 11 Hours)

(Over 200 Mp3's, Over 100 Hours, Over 10 GB)

Your purchase will appear on your statement under the name "CLKBANK*COM".


One-Time Payment

You have 1 year to download all the files before the download page expires. If you later lose your files or need to download the files again after the page expires please email support.


By placing an order you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

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Subscription Option

Other Download Options

(These are all one-time payments)