"Your mp3s are simply outstanding. I've been using brainwave entrainment for more than twenty years, beginning with cassette tapes put out by Zygon when I was a teenager. I meditate daily, with or without entrainment, and I'm always on the search for the so called latest and best entrainment technology, and over the years, I've educated myself about the particulars of brainwave frequencies, binaurals, isochronic and monaural beats. I have used and tried almost every product on the market. And knowing what I know about entrainment whatever other brainwave entrainment companies say about their superior technology cannot fool me. When I purchased your mp3 products and listened to them for the first time, I was blown away! I guess because I've used entrainment for so long, I've developed a certain sensitivity to the changing of frequency in my own brain, and I can instantly feel the effect of any entrainment, and the multiple variations in a recording. Like I said, I've used many products from many companies, and the quality of your work, whatever it is that you do, absolutely surpasses everything I have experienced." - Robert Choates

The following Mp3 Downloads are Included in the Alpha Relaxation Mp3 Series:

Alpha Level 1 (Wind, Bells, Echo's)

Alpha Level 2 (Very warm, shimmering synth)

Alpha Level 3 (Wind, Slow Melodies, Night sounds)

Alpha Level 4 (Very uplifting chords, bamboo flute)

Alpha Level 5 (Flute, Airy chords)

Alpha Level 6 (Uplifting synth, panning effects)

Alpha Level 7 (Wind, Chords, Japanese Koto echoing)

Alpha Level 8 (Chords, very tranquil)

Alpha Level 9 (Harp plucks, Deep space wind)

Alpha Level 10 (Mysterious chords, Sweeping FX, Synth melodies)

Each session consists of soothing ambient music embedded with isochronic tones.

Product Details

"I bought your "Ultimate Brainwave Entrainment Mp3 Program. I did quite a bit of research on competing products, sites, reviews, and so on. I did not see your site/products reviewed; however, I like the tone, feel, and organization of your site, and the abundance of information better than any other site I looked at. Your low prices are a blessing, and providing a free full-length, level 5 session on your homepage is a very generous, good-faith measure. You've earned my vote, and a big thumbs up. Thank you!" - Wayne Walden, West Michigan

There are 10 levels (10 mp3's) in the Alpha Relaxation Mp3 Series. Each Level is 30 minutes in length and consists of 2 different entrainment frequencies (each playing for 15 minutes a piece) embedded into a ambient music soundtrack (there is a different ambient soundtrack used in each level - hence 10 different ambient soundtracks).

The 10 levels are divided into two parts:

Part 1 = Levels 1 -5

Part 2 = Levels 6 - 10

The entrainment frequencies in part 1 repeat in part 2 except that the carrier frequencies in part 2 are different than in part 1.

The lower carrier frequencies make the sessions more intense, but you have to work down to it so your brain adjusts to the audio.

For example, Level 6 is a more intense version of Level 1; and Level 7 is a more intense version of level 2, and so on.

Each session below consists of soothing ambient music embedded with isochronic tones.

The carrier frequencies used in the sessions below have been chosen because of the benefits those particular frequencies have been known to produce. (Note: We use the same carrier frequencies in all 4 programs - Alpha, Theta, Delta, Epsilon).

The entrainment frequencies used here have also been carefully selected according to the results they have been known to produce in some people.

It is recommended that you don't rush through the sessions. They are designed to be therapeutic to listen to and you can benefit from justl listening to one level once a day for a week or more. Or, especially in these Alpha sessions, you can combine two levels thus making a hour session. The way you choose to listen to these sessions will vary from person to person depending on whether you are accustomed to listening to brainwave entrainment products or not. Take your time and enjoy.

What Are Alpha Brainwaves?

Alpha waves = 8 hz - 12 hz - When we begin to relax or begin to get drowsy, but are still awake and conscious, we are at the alpha level. Alpha patterns vary from deep alpha, a state of deep relaxation, (often referred to as the twilight state between sleep and waking) to the higher end of alpha that is a more focused, yet still a very relaxed state. Alpha is a very receptive, absorbent mental state and can be used for effective self-hypnosis, reprogramming the sub conscious, accelerated learning and more. When you spend more time in Alpha state, you'll find it easier to tap into your higher levels of creativity and expression.

Alpha waves are associated with:

Light relaxation, "super learning", positive thinking; Conducive to creative problem solving, accelerated learning, mood elevation, stress reduction, etc., characterized by intuitive insights, creative "juice" inspiration, motivation, daydreams etc. Relaxed, yet alert; Associated with calm, relaxed, unfocused (not concentrating), lucid mental states, dream sleep & pleasant drifting feelings or emotions; promotes mental resourcefulness, aids in mental coordination, enhances relaxation, "Can move quickly + efficiently to accomplish whatever task is at hand.", feelings of "at ease" + calm, promotes good moods, a bridge between conscious + subconscious, alpha waves indicate a person is alert but not actively processing information, seen more in extroverts than introverts, seen during creative problem solving. Non-drowsy but relaxed, tranquil state of consciousness, primarily with pleasant inward awareness; body/mind integration; Amplifies dowsing, empty -mind states, detachment, daydreams, mind/body integration.

Alpha Relaxation Mp3 Series Entrainment Frequency Info

12 hz - Centering, doorway to all other frequencies; frequency of earth resonance, mental stability, transitional point, time seems faster; stimulates mental clarity; Associated with Throat/Vishuddha chakra (Color=Blue), (Body Parts=Thyroid, Lungs, Vocal Cords)(Effects=Expression/self in society)(Note=G).

11 hz - Stress Reduction, Focused alertness, relaxed yet alert.

10.5 hz - Frequency for healing of body, mind/body unity, potent stabilizer & stimulating for the immunity. Relaxed alertness, contemplation, body healing, mind over matter. Lowering Blood Pressure; Associated with Heart/Anahata chakra (Color=Green) (Body Parts=Thymus, Heart, Blood, Circulatory System) (Effects=Love of Life, love of self & others) (Note=F). 10 hz - Enhanced release of serotonin & mood elevator, universally beneficial. Meg Patterson used for nicotine withdrawal. Clarity, normalcy, circadian rhythm resync, raise body temp. Good when trying to correlate information by the subconscious. Increased alertness, sense of well being & decreased pain (caused by increase in beta-endorphins). Treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder/Hyperactivity. Used on headaches. Associated with Solar Plexus/Manipura chakra (Color=Yellow) (Body Parts=Pancreas, Stomach, Liver, Gall Bladder, Nervous System) (Effects=Spiritual wisdom, self-healing)(Note=E).

9.6 hz - Mean dominant frequency associated with earth's magnetic field. Facial Toning.

9.41 hz - Frequency of the outside of the pyramids.

9 hz - Awareness of causes of body imbalance & means for balance. Associated with Sacral/Svadhisthana chakra (Color=Orange) (Body Parts=Gonads, Reproductive System) (Effects=Relationships/Sexuality) (Note=D).

8.6 hz - Induces sleep, tingling sensations.

8.3 hz - Pick up visual images of mental objects; clairvoyance.

8 hz - DNA repair. Associated with Base/Muladhara chakra (Color=Red) (Body Parts=Adrenals, Spinal Column, Kidneys) (Effects=Physical energy, will to live)(Note=C).

Carrier Frequencies

The carrier frequencies used in our Alpha, Theta, Delta and Epsilon Mp3 Series' counting from session 1 (highest carrier frequencies) to session 10 (lowest carrier frequency) are:

221.23 hz - Associated with Note=A, Color=yellow-orange, Tempo=103.7 BPM, Chakra=Ajna/Third Eye ).

172.06 hz - Associated with the color of purple/violet, and this frequency is known to have a joyful, cheerful, spiritual effect. It is associated with clarity of spirit, cheerfulness. This frequency is also associated with the Sahasrar/Crown chakra, as well as the musical note F, and has a lot of significance to the ancient Chinese.

141.27 hz - Intellectuality, mobility; (Note=C# or D) (Color=blue-green or blue) (Tempo=66.2)(Chakra=Vishudda/Throat chakra) (Effects=Supports speech center and communicative- intellectual principle, associated with communication and cleverness).

136.10 hz (used twice) - Associated with light, warmth, joy, relaxation, centering, balance, harmony with the cosmos. 136.hz is also known as the frequency of the soul, and it is the same frequency as "om" or "aum". It is also associated with the note=C# on the musical scale, the color turquoise/Green, as well as the frequency of the Anahate/Heart chakra.

126.22 hz - The Frequency Of The Sun (Note=C)(Color=Green) (Tempo=118.3 BPM) (Chakra=Manipura, also called Hara{associated with Navel & 3rd lumbar vertebrae}).

111 hz - Beta endorphins. cell regeneration.

83 hz - Third eye opening for some people.

63 hz - Astral projection.

55 hz - May stimulates the kundalini.

33 hz - Christ consciousness, hypersensitivity.


(Stereo Headphones Recommended)

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