"I have used a number of similar products from various places (I won't drop any names) but I purchased your Awakened Mind Mp3 Pack (formerly called Astral Projection Mp3 Pack), and I can tell you your product has surpassed the others. I will be purchasing more from you in the future. The quality and the results have been far more than I was expecting and I am very pleased how quickly I could actually let go while listening to these. Thank you for a good experience." ~Edgar (USA)

The following Mp3 Downloads are Included in the Awakened Mind Mp3 Pack:

Awakened Mind (Floating) - Binaural Beats with Rain, Thunder, Chimes + Several Ambient tracks such as Slow Melodies, Night sounds, Light, Warm Atmospheric Blend etc.

Awakened Mind (Flying) - Binaural Beats with underwater sounds, whale sounds, chimes, rain and a passing thunderstorm + several ambient tracks

Awakened Mind (No Time) - Binaural Beats with Smooth, Pulsating synth

Lucid Dreaming - Binaural Beats with 10 ambient tracks

Deep Mind Level 1 - Binaural Beats with Organ Chords and Atmosphere

Deep Mind Level 2 - Binaural Beats with Flute, Airy chords

Deep Mind Level 3 - Binaural Beats with Floating atmosphere, Tinker bells

Deep Mind Level 4 - Binaural Beats with Airy atmospheric effects, Sparse guitar plucks, Drone

Deep Mind Level 5 - Binaural Beats with Deep Bass, Light Wind

Gems of Insight - Binaural Beats with Beach and Ocean sounds

Customer Testimonials

"I have purchased the Relaxation Music Mp3 Pack and also the Awakened Mins Mp3 Pack... My favorites are the Deep Mind session and the Awakened Mind (Floating). I try to listen to the sessions outdoors if I can while laying down. You would not believe the calming that comes over you especially with a soft breeze blowing on your cheeks. These sessions have resulted in the sensation of 'loss of body consciousness' where you feel light as a feather..." ~Cristina Strenko (USA)

"...When listening to the "Awakened Mind No Time Session" I had a very deep and blissful experience. It felt like time went on forever and it was very therapeutic, I am definitely happy to use it! While I was using it I imagined myself on a river of crystal love floating by and filling myself with warmth, I felt my body temperature rise while I did this and a nice warm feeling of love I was swimming in, alongside body tingles. It was a very nice feeling. Im excited to use it again. But after I used it, I could not go to sleep again (it was 6 am) which is a rarity for someone like me who has lethargy. I feel that it also promotes whole brain communication, I feel calm, centered and relaxed after using it. Works much better than other isochronics I've used and better than Holosync." ~ Vahid Azadegan, (Adelaide, South Australia)

Product Details

Awakened Mind: Floating (60 minutes, Binaural Beats).

The entrainment in this session was organized by Astral-Habitat. This session is based on the work of Dr. Edgar Wilson and others. 20 - 40 Hz activity registers on the EEG when subjects are reportedly experiencing astral projection. This session creates these brainwaves when the user is very relaxed or already asleep and dreaming. It is best to use this session when laying down with headphones. Included in this recording is the sound of rain and rumbling thunder off in the distance. You will also hear chimes throughout most of the recording. Several Ambient tracks are also heard throughout the session. (Very warm, shimmering synth, Very uplifting chords, bamboo flute, Wind, Slow Melodies, Night sounds, Light, Warm Atmospheric Blend, Organ Chords and Atmosphere, Ethnic flute, light wind, soothing ambience. )

Awakened Mind: Flying (60 Minutes, Binaural Beats).

This mp3 consists of 11 different ambient music soundtracks as well as (later in the session) underwater sounds, whale sounds, chimes, rain and a passing thunderstorm. The entire mp3 file is embedded with binaural beats which are set at special frequencies known to trigger astral projection for some.

Awakened Mind: No Time (60 minutes, Binaural Beats).

This is a recreation of the "No Time #2" sessions (also titled "OOBE Session #3") described in James Mann's Awakened Mind 1. This recording is based upon the Harmonic Box X theory. The pitch is around 220Hz with 7Hz and 14Hz cross-frequencies. Ambient sounds are also used (Smooth, Pulsating synth). There is also a built in audiostrobe feature in this session. It works fine as an Mp3, but if you have a light and sound audiostrobe synergizer, or a light and sound machine in general, you can use this session with headphones and led glasses. The expected effect of the "no time" state is that you will be unaware of time passing at all similar as when you sleep a deep sleep, except that you are still conscious - but not conscious of time passing. This is only possible when you eventually gain awareness of that part of you for which the no time state is natural. This seems to be where the out of body experience (OOBE) idea comes in as you should be able to use that awareness to trigger an out of body experience.

Deep Mind Mp3's

(Deep Mind mp3's 1 - 4 are based on "Weightless Time" series by Peter Chalon)

Deep Mind 1 (40 minutes, Binaural Beats)

The first recording begins at 12 hz and works its way down to 8.4 hz after 20 minutes into the recording. The mid carrier frequency used is 120 hz. Ambient sounds include Organ Chords and Atmosphere.

Deep Mind 2 (40 minutes, Binaural Beats)

The second recording begins at 11 hz and works its way down to 7.2 hz after 25 minutes into the recording. The mid carrier frequency used is 110 hz. Ambient sounds include Flute, Airy chords.

Deep Mind 3 (40 minutes, Binaural Beats)

The third recording begins at 10 hz and works its way down to 6.2 hz after 25 minutes into the recording. The mid carrier frequency used is 100 hz. Ambient sounds include Floating atmosphere, Tinker bells.

Deep Mind 4 (40 minutes, Binaural Beats)

The fourth recording begins at 10 hz and works its way down to 5.2 hz after 25 minutes into the recording. The mid carrier frequency used is 60 hz. Ambient sounds include Airy atmospheric effects, Sparse guitar plucks, Drone.

Deep Mind 5 (40 minutes, Binaural Beats):

The entrainment in this recording was organized by John Hicks. The recording begins at 14 hz and gradually works its way down to 3.5. The pitch begins at 84 hz eventually working its way down to 75 hz. Ambient sounds include Deep Bass, Light Wind. The frequencies use in Deep Mind 5 include: 14 Hz - Earth Harmonics- accelerated Healing (1 min); 10 Hz - Centering, sleep spindles, arousal (6 min); 7.83 Hz- Schumann Resonance, ESP activation (9 min); 5.5 Hz- Inner guidance, intuition, heat generation (3 min); 4.0 Hz- Astral Projection/Telepathy/Seduction mindset (10 min); 3.5 Hz- Whole-being regeneration, DNA stimulation. Potential benefits include: Sleep reduction/accelerated learning/ESP enhancement/Telepathy/OOBE.

Gems of Insight (30 Minutes, Binaural Beats):

Includes beach and ocean sounds. The entrainment organizing in the Gems of Insight mp3 was done by Meetze. The introduction below was written by the same. There is an interesting exercise introduced by Dr. Win Wenger called "Over The Wall". Inspirational thoughts, those Eureka moments, seem to well up from the subconscious. In most cases, these experiences seem unprovoked. When the subconscious communicates with the conscious part of the brain, it is mostly done in symbols that were previously interpreted from one or more of the physical senses. These symbols are highly individualized, usually stemming from some quirky association with past experiences. The original exercise calls for a person to call to mind a question and to focus on it. Then they are to put the question aside and picture themselves standing in a garden. At the far end of the garden is a large stone wall. Just behind that wall is the answer to the question - or at least some entertaining insight. The purpose of this recording is to stimulate the brain frequencies associated with provoking those elusive little gems of insight. During the session, the viewer may be flooded with pictures that seem unrelated. However, it is important not to be concerned with congruency while the headphones are on. After all, constructing association of seemingly unrelated experiences is what builds neuro pathways.

Lucid Dreaming (60 Minutes, Binaural Beats.)

Lucid dreaming is when you have a dream and you realize you are dreaming. The Lucid Dreaming mp3 consists of 10 ambient soundtracks, and you can listen to the session at night when you are going to bed. But you need to use headphones if you want your brain to be entrained by the binaural beats in the background.


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