"Your mp3s are simply outstanding. I've been using brainwave entrainment for more than twenty years, beginning with cassette tapes put out by Zygon when I was a teenager. I meditate daily, with or without entrainment, and I'm always on the search for the so called latest and best entrainment technology, and over the years, I've educated myself about the particulars of brainwave frequencies, binaurals, isochronic and monaural beats. I have used and tried almost every product on the market. And knowing what I know about entrainment whatever other brainwave entrainment companies say about their superior technology cannot fool me. When I purchased your mp3 products and listened to them for the first time, I was blown away! I guess because I've used entrainment for so long, I've developed a certain sensitivity to the changing of frequency in my own brain, and I can instantly feel the effect of any entrainment, and the multiple variations in a recording. Like I said, I've used many products from many companies, and the quality of your work, whatever it is that you do, absolutely surpasses everything I have experienced." - Robert Choates

The following Mp3 Downloads are Included in the Rejuvenating Delta Mp3 Series:

Delta Level 1 (Ethnic pluck, deep drone, synth)

Delta Level 2 (Piano, multilayered drones)

Delta Level 3 (Dreamy synth, effects)

Delta Level 4 (Open, Airy, Windy or Outer Space)

Delta Level 5 (Eerie Guitar, Water drips)

Delta Level 6 (Mysterious chords)

Delta Level 7 (Very soothing Wind or Beach, subtle background ambience)

Delta Level 8 (Pulsing synth and effects)

Delta Level 9 (Wind, Deep, Metallic)

Delta Level 10 (Warm, flowing synth)

Each session consists of soothing ambient music embedded with isochronic tones.

Product Details

"I bought your Ultimate Brainwave Entrainment Mp3 Program. I did quite a bit of research on competing products, sites, reviews, and so on. I did not see your site/products reviewed; however, I like the tone, feel, and organization of your site, and the abundance of information better than any other site I looked at. Your low prices are a blessing, and providing a free full-length, level 5 session on your homepage is a very generous, good-faith measure. You've earned my vote, and a big thumbs up. Thank you!" - Wayne Walden, West Michigan

There are 10 levels (10 mp3's) in the Rejuvenating Delta Mp3 Series. Each Level is 30 minutes in length and consists of 2 different entrainment frequencies (each playing for 15 minutes a piece) embedded into a ambient music soundtrack (there is a different ambient soundtrack used in each level - hence 10 different ambient soundtracks).

The 10 levels are divided into two parts:

Part 1 = Levels 1 -5

Part 2 = Levels 6 - 10

The entrainment frequencies in part 1 repeat in part 2 except that the carrier frequencies in part 2 are different than in part 1.

The lower carrier frequencies make the sessions more intense, but you have to work down to it so your brain adjusts to the audio.

For example, Level 6 is a more intense version of Level 1; and Level 7 is a more intense version of level 2, and so on.

Each session consists of soothing ambient music embedded withisochronic tones.

The carrier frequencies used in the sessions below have been chosen because of the benefits those particular frequencies have been known to produce. (Note: We use the same carrier frequencies in all 4 of our mp3 series - Alpha, Theta, Delta, Epsilon).

The entrainment frequencies used here have also been carefully selected according to the results they have been known to produce in some people.

It is recommended that you don't rush through the sessions. They are designed to be therapeutic to listen to and you can benefit from just listening to one level (or a couple levels combined) once a day for a week or more. Of course this will vary from person to person. The point is don't expect these mp3's to magically work if you are in a frenzy rushing through every session all in one sitting. Take your time and enjoy.

What Are Delta Brainwaves?

Delta waves = 0.5 hz - 4 hz - Delta waves are usually associated with the unconscious and deep, slow brain activity found in deep sleep. Delta waves are experienced predominantly in newborn infants, as well as in healthy adults in deep rejuvenating sleep, or in very deep states of meditation. At the delta level the body replenishes its energy, releases anti-aging hormones like human growth hormone (HGH*), relieves stress, and boosts the immune system. The delta state rejuvenates your mind, body, and spirit. When your dominant brainwave is delta, your body is healing itself and "resetting" its internal clocks so to speak.

As we get older, decreasing quantities of HGH results in many aging symptoms including loss of muscle tone, increased weight gain, loss of stamina, sagging skin and muscles, wrinkled skin that lacks good tone and texture and flagging memory and many diseases associated with aging. HGH is produced naturally by the pituitary gland in the center of our brain. When we are in deep, dreamless sleep at the delta level the pituitary is stimulated to produce more HGH which is why we feel refreshed and replenished when we get a good nights sleep. The anti-aging properties of deep meditation come from the release of HGH when reaching the delta level during meditation. A healthy lifestyle and diet, and a calm mental and emotional life also stimulate the production of HGH. Lack in any of this is at least one of the reasons for aging, mental imbalances, sickness and disease and so on. Delta level mp3 sessions help bring the body to a deeply relaxed state so that one can reach the delta level easier. It also helps to have a healthy diet and lifestyle, it all works together for the better.

Delta waves are associated with: Deep dreamless sleep, trance, suspended animation; Anti-aging. Reduces amount of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress & aging. Increases the levels of DHEA (anti-aging) & melatonin (decreases aging process.); Associated with unconscious mind & sleep state - in conjunction with other frequencies in a waking state, "Delta acts as a form of radar seeking out information, reaching out to understand on the deepest unconscious level things that we can't understand through thought process." Provides intuition, empathetic attunement & instinctual insight; Conducive to miracle type healing, divine knowledge, inner being & personal growth, rebirth, trauma recovery, "one with the universe" experiences (samadhi), near death experience, characterized by "unknowing", merely a blissful "being" state such as deep sleep or coma. 1-3 - Delta: deep, dreamless sleep, trance state, non-REM sleep; profound relaxation, restorative sleep, feelings of tranquility & peace, if one can remain aware.

Rejuvenating Delta Mp3 Series Entrainment Frequency Info

4 hz - Enkephalins, Extrasensory perception, vital for memory & learning, respond at around 4 HZ.; Subconscious Problem Solving/Full Memory Scanning (if one can manage to stay awake); Associated with object naming, an important aspect of memory; "Those who suffer from Chronic Fatigue exhaust very easily. When moved to 4HZ these individuals showed marked improvement in the length of time between the occurrence of exhaustion after certain exercises were completed."

3.5 hz - Feeling of unity with everything, accelerated language retention; enhancement of receptivity; Earth Resonance; (a remedy for) depression & anxiety; Whole-being regeneration, DNA stimulation.

3.4 hz - Sound Sleep 3 hz - Increased Reaction Time;

3.0 hz & below used to reduce muscle tension headaches, but worked less well on migraines & sinus headaches.

2.5 hz - pain relief, relaxation; production of endogenous opiates; Use for sedative effect; Sedative effect - reported use on bleeding, bruises, insomnia, and sinusitis.

1.8 hz - Sinus Congestion seems to clear centering around 1.8 HZ. (tested with binaural beats, primarily).

1.5 hz - Abrahams Universal Healing Rate; Sleep; Those individuals whose ailments have manifested into the fourth stage of Chronic Fatigue, where some form of disease is apparent, experienced a release from the negative sensation of their symptoms when moved into 1.5HZ.

1.45 hz - Tri-thalamic entrainment format. According to Ronald DeStrulle, creates entrainment between hypothalamus, pituitary & pineal. May benefit dyslexics + people with Alzheimer's.

1.05 hz - Helps hair grow + get its color back; pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone (helps develop muscle, recover from injuries, rejuvenation effects). 1 hz - Feeling of well- being, pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone; overall view of inter- relationships; harmony & balance.

Carrier Frequencies

The carrier frequencies used in our Alpha, Theta, Delta and Epsilon Mp3 Series' counting from session 1 (highest carrier frequencies) to session 10 (lowest carrier frequency) are:

221.23 hz - Associated with Note=A, Color=yellow-orange, Tempo=103.7 BPM, Chakra=Ajna/Third Eye ).

172.06 hz - Associated with the color of purple/violet, and this frequency is known to have a joyful, cheerful, spiritual effect. It is associated with clarity of spirit, cheerfulness. This frequency is also associated with the Sahasrar/Crown chakra, as well as the musical note F, and has a lot of significance to the ancient Chinese.

141.27 hz - Intellectuality, mobility; (Note=C# or D) (Color=blue-green or blue) (Tempo=66.2)(Chakra=Vishudda/Throat chakra) (Effects=Supports speech center and communicative- intellectual principle, associated with communication and cleverness).

136.10 hz (used twice) - Associated with light, warmth, joy, relaxation, centering, balance, harmony with the cosmos. 136.hz is also known as the frequency of the soul, and it is the same frequency as "om" or "aum". It is also associated with the note=C# on the musical scale, the color turquoise/Green, as well as the frequency of the Anahate/Heart chakra.

126.22 hz - The Frequency Of The Sun (Note=C)(Color=Green) (Tempo=118.3 BPM) (Chakra=Manipura, also called Hara{associated with Navel & 3rd lumbar vertebrae}).

111 hz - Beta endorphins. cell regeneration.

83 hz - Third eye opening for some people.

63 hz - Astral projection.

55 hz - May stimulates the kundalini.

33 hz - Christ consciousness, hypersensitivity.

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